Heartland Textile Preservation Services L.L.C.
Heartland offers conservation and museum services for all types of textiles. Quilts, tapestries, costumes, beaded items, American Indian clothing, and upholstered furnishings are some of the many types of textiles they have experience in. Exhibition needs, collection care, and long term preservation services are also available for institutions. A free consultation reviewing your needs and issues can be scheduled by calling (612) 384-0340.

Midwest Art Conservation Center
A non-profit regional center dedicated to the preservation and conservation of art and artifacts.

Minnesota Historical Society - Podcasts for Storing Textiles

Minnesota Historical Society - Preserving Your Family Treasures
Learn from MHS conservators and curators how to preserve your family treasures and stories for future generations.
The Integrated Pest Management Working Group is a group of collection managers, conservators, entomologists and other professionals interested in issues surrounding the implementation of integrated pest management in museums and other collection-holding institutions.

National Park Service - Conserve-O-Grams
Short, focused leaflets about caring for museum objects, published in loose-leaf format. New topics are added as needed and out-of-date issues are revised or deleted. Semiannual supplements will be issued for an indeterminate period.

National Park Service Museum Handbook - Collections
This document provides guidance on, and outlines procedures for, the care and preventive conservation for all disciplines and materials represented by NPS collections. It also covers professional ethics and topics from specialized storage, to exhibit environment standards, to conservation treatments, to emergency preparedness.

Northern States Conservation Center
Providing collection care, preservation and conservation treatment services to collectors and collecting institutions. Provides online conservation training.

What's That White Stuff?
The Alaska State Museum has offered conservation advice as part of its statewide outreach mandate since 1976. One of the most frequent questions they receive has been, "What's That White Stuff?" Based on the past ten years of conservation experience with Alaskan collections, we've determined some likely culprits and gathered images to help illustrate common issues.

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